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Welcome to Karen Pleshe Coaching!

I am a therapist turned Clini-Coach®. I offer online coaching services to help you overcome subconscious money blocks. I am passionate about helping individuals and couples get right with their relationship with money. 

I use the latest in cutting-edge neuroscience, the psychology of money, and my expertise in couples therapy. Check out the wealth of services and expertise I will bring to help you on your journey to a satisfying life with money, whether in a partnership or alone. I can’t wait to coach you on your journey!

Areas of Expertise

  • Advanced Imago Relationship Coaching 

  • Brainspotting Certified with advanced training and Moneyspotting.

  • EMDR Certified

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Money Scripts/Money History Identification

  • Subconscious Brain Relationship to decisions about money

  • Clini-Coach® Specialty

  • 25 - years as a Therapist in private practice

"When we have the Courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending.”

- Brene Brown

My Method

Imago is all about deepening relationships and turning conflict into an opportunity for compassion and growth. 

Money Scripts

Money scripts are beliefs that are created in childhood that affect how you view, approach, and deal with money. They are often subconscious.

For example, “I will never have enough”

Subconscious Processing

I use Brainspotting and EMDR to identify subconscious beliefs that are processed on a deeper level to create a healthy relationship with money. "I am not worthy of financial well-being" may change to "I deserve financial security, and I can create a plan for this."

Mindset & Beliefs

Mindset is the attitude you have toward challenges in your life. Your mindset can determine your outcome.  A positively focused mindset toward money and how you see money will help you achieve your financial goals and peace.

Mindfulness & Gratitude 

Gratitude is about focusing on blessings and appreciation. Gratitude is known to reduce life stress and rewire our brains. Mindfulness helps you manage difficult times with more regulation, calm, and peace.

Mutual Money Vision

I help couples create very specific goals for how they want to live their ideal life around money. A sample vision statement may be: We meet twice monthly (on Thursdays) to review our money goals.

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INSTEAD OF UNCLEAR GOALS AND ANXIETY ABOUT YOUR MONEY DIFFERENCES, you create a mutual plan and easily communicate without shame or blame.

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INSTEAD OF BEATING YOURSELF UP for past behavior, you uncover the root cause, and can now implement change.

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INSTEAD OF LOOKING AT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND CRINGING at overdraft charges, you have savings and a good start on paying down debt.

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INSTEAD OF AVOIDANCE of facing your overall financial picture, gain the courage to face the truth with confidence and a solidified financial plan.

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INSTEAD OF FEAR AND ANXIETY about losing clients by charging the rate you ideally want, you feel confident in your services and fees and trust you will have enough clients.

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INSTEAD OF HAVING EMOTIONAL HANGUPS ABOUT MONEY you are free and see money as essential and abundant.

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INSTEAD OF THINKING, "I will never have enough," or, "I'm financially behind," you believe every financial situation is fixable.

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AND ENVY, you feel confident and optimistic that you are on the path to success.

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  • Imago Dialogue

  • Money Scripts eval and feedback (blocking money beliefs)

  • Brainspotting on the stuck scripts

  • Mindset

  • Mutual Money Vision

  • Money Scripts Evaluation and Feedback

  • Brainspotting on the Stuck Scripts

  • Mindset

  • Mindfulness and Gratitude

  • Individual and Professional Money Vision

Individual Coaching for money_girl on therapy coach

Individual Coaching

 I help individuals get past their money scripts to achieve financial security and live their ideal life.

Premarital Coaching for Couples image_hands holding with green grass background

Couples Coaching

I help couples stop fighting about money and start aligning on their financial goals.

Karen Pleshe Coaching Workshops


Join me in an in-depth workshop to jumpstart your financial


I help couples engaged or committed to a long-term relationship get on a successful path with their relationship and money.

Together, we can...

address the fear, anxiety, and shame around money and create confidence, peace, and a solid plan for a long, satisfying life with money.

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Coming soon for pre-marital and couples committed to staying together: a workshop geared to build a strong commitment with a special focus on starting right financially.

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Contact Me

I look forward to helping you with your money issues. I believe we all have the capacity to move beyond the broken records we grew up with and live the life we desire. I can’t wait to coach you on your journey!

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