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HOW IS COACHING DIFFERENT THAN THERAPY? Therapy can include coaching, but coaching does not include therapy. Therapy will take into account your mental health needs and could be longer term, and include a mental health diagnosis, often billed to insurance.  In contrast, coaching will be briefer and will focus on reaching specific goals and obtaining the results that you desire. There is no diagnosis in coaching.  Coaching is a targeted, interactive process designed to facilitate concrete changes in performance and results that are life-changing.  A coach helps clients identify blocks to their goals and a path to achieve these goals.  A coach believes clients have the answer to their own problems and understand they just need guidance getting there.  Coaching programs are usually time-limited with the idea that a client can meet their goals in a specific time frame.  However, a person can work with a coach routinely individually until they feel they have reached their goals.    Therapy focuses on healing past experiences and looking over a person’s lifespan.  People in therapy will get a clinical diagnosis.  Trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, are all clinical issues.

WHAT'S A CLINIC-COACH®? A clinic-coach® is a coach who has practiced or is still practicing as a therapist. They are a level above coaches who aren’t therapists first, because their training and years of experience give them a level up on knowledge and expertise in certain areas like asking the right questions, and helping clients to identify through the coaching process their own blocks and areas for improvement. They can use the wealth of skills and training they developed as a therapist to coach clients to resolve a specific problem.

WHAT IS THE BASIC APPROACH AND PHILOSOPHY OF COACHING? The basic assumptions of a coach are: - Believe in the human potential for greatness - They want to bring out the best in people, and trust people in the process of coaching to own their own truth and path. - Coaches encourage and believe that change needs action and discipline. - Everybody has the innate resources within them to create and actualize their life dreams.

WHAT IS THE COST AND IS IT COVERED BY INSURANCE? Coaching for life issues is not typically covered by insurance. However, you may be able to use an HSA for covering some of your sessions. If it is essential for you to use one or more of these benefits, then you will need to investigate this with your insurance company and HSA plan. Payment for services is expected prior to or at the time of services. Couple or Individual sessions: $250 /40 minutes 8-week programs: $2499

HOW DO I KNOW COACHING WITH KAREN IS RIGHT FOR ME? If you are a couple whether married or in a long term relationship and you are committed to excellence in communication and have self awareness about yourself in the relationship, but struggle in the area of money with your partner and feel you have different goals, this is for you. If you are engaged and recognize that you want to start your relationship right in your marriage with strong communication and an understanding of how you and your partner approach money, Karen is the coach for you. Money related issues are one of the main reasons for divorce due to mismatched-priorities, inability to discuss these differences, unexpected expenses and a partner’s past debt or secret spending. Start your long term committed relationship right, connect with Karen today. If you are an independent helping professional that has felt frustrated with the rise in costs of expenses but carry fear, guilt and self-doubt about raising your fees.You may also secretly struggle to pay your bills as you work twice as hard, and feel stuck with where to begin. If this sounds familiar, Karen is the coach for you.

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