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 I use a variety of tools and methods to help clients meet their goals. The unique combination of motivational interviewing, methods like brainspotting, and effective communication skills bring the opportunity for the highest possible success. All of these methods help get at subconscious patterns that stop people from making important decisions and steps to secure a healthy relationship with money and living the lifestyle, they desire. There will also be pdfs and exercises geared to challenge old beliefs and change behavior.     


“Change your brain, Change how you handle money.” 

Brainspotting helps if you have the following mindset issues:


  • You have mental obstacles about yourself and how you handle money that you cannot overcome. (I won't ever make enough, I don't deserve, others do better than me)

  • Lack of Confidence – I need more certainty before I can make changes in how I relate to money

  • Negative Beliefs – I have negative beliefs about myself in a variety of categories, ie, "I'm a failure"

  • Distressing memories related to money experience.  Prior negative experiences are holding me back from making conscious choices about money now.

  • Low Self-Esteem – I have negative self-talk that defeats meeting my money goals

  • Reactive  Responses – I’m immediately defensive when things don’t go my way, or I believe my money issues are because of the economy or politics

  • Lack of Vision for the Future  – I can’t see myself with a future that is different or hopeful

Brainspotting resources :


Info on the brain: LINK


Animation on Brainspotting: LINK

Brainspotting setup: LINK

Brainspotting by David Grand founder: LINK


Imago Method


One of the primary tools utilized in Imago relationship work with couples is use of the “dialogue”, which is a powerful communication tool that allows couples to see their partner,  themselves, and their relationship in a new way. Imago tools help improve communication, resolve conflict, transform frustrations and help you feel like you are on the same team again. 


When we use imago dialogue with money issues you will: 


  • Slow down communication and discuss important issues without defensiveness, or reactivity so you can come to solutions

  • Go from shame and blame to cooperation and a plan

  • Understand where your partners' blocks come from, be able to sit in their world, and become a team instead of antagonistic and stuck.

  • Create a mutual money vision that will be your guide towards meeting your overall financial goals 

  • Feel more connection and love because of the validation of each person’s perspective.



EMDR is also a neuro-based method that helps people move past performance blocks. Specifically, if low-self esteem, limiting beliefs, fear, indecision, or anxiety get in the way of fully performing with money, then EMDR can help move past this block. Past negative experiences in life interfere with our performance all the time, but we are unaware because the memories are stored in the subconscious brain. In EMDR, we access where the block comes from, so we can change the belief connected to the old memory to something positive and useful in meeting our goals. A good example with money might be that you heard your parents fighting about money routinely as a child. You may have created a belief that money is bad and only causes pain, which leads to your avoidance of any conversation around it now as an adult. By combining bilateral stimulation (music, eye movement ) and the negative beliefs you carry, we can more easily absolve subconscious patterns. Once you process and release the old belief, a new positive belief is created, which now works to help you achieve goals in the present and future. 

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