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Let's heal your relationship with money.

Individual Coaching

Who is this service for? Many people who are self-employed in the helping professions (massage, holistic healers, therapists, coaches, etc.) or anyone who wants to have a strong healthy relationship with money and confidence about their future.

My approach to individuals is to help them identify the money beliefs (scripts) that have prevented them from living well with money. The method will be one-to-one coaching sessions, utilizing money script evaluation tools, brainspotting, mindset work, and developing actionable goals. Brainspotting is a powerful technique that helps people get to the unconscious beliefs that are still present today. This will be one-to-one coaching sessions or maybe an online workshop in a group format. 

There will also be the opportunity to be a part of a private FB group for encouragement and support.

Couples Coaching

If you are a couple with a strong, loving relationship in every way but struggle to get on the same page with your finances, then this is for you.

We will first identify money beliefs (scripts) that have been hidden. These may be inherited from your family of origin or created by you. You identify the problematic money patterns by uncovering the subconscious or hidden beliefs. We work to change these beliefs to beliefs that align with your true core desires as a couple. Each couple will learn Imago dialogue as the primary communication tool. Imago dialogue provides a safe and easy way to discuss complex issues around money. Finally, I will have you create a mutual money vision that will guide you toward meeting the goals you want to achieve.

The amount of coaching sessions will be different for every couple. Sessions will be primarily conjoint. However, some individual sessions may occur for brainspotting on financial blocks. The number of sessions needed will be figured out during our initial consultation.

Indivdual Coaching
Couples Coaching

Workshops - Coming Soon!

Start Right ~Stay Connected for Couples either engaged or committing to a long term relationship, with special focus on starting right financially will be offered for 2 days online in the near future.

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